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Chân máy ảnh Peak Design x Leica Travel Tripod, carbon

17.500.000 VNĐ

The Peak Design Travel Tripod is just half the size of a traditional travel tripod. By redesigning the Travel Tripod from the ground up, Peak Design has created the world's most portable tripod, a tripod that folds to the diameter of a water bottle without sacrificing height, stability or load capacity. 


A newly developed smart system for unlocking the segments of the legs makes sure that your tripod will be set up in a matter of seconds because it just takes three quick actions to unlock and extend the legs of the tripod. And they also combined that with the extremely fast camera connection. 


It comes with a simply yet really functional ballhead, that moves really smooth and where you can attach even the heavier cameras. But of course it’s diameter is just as slim as the tripods’.


As said, the Peak Design Travel Tripod is really small but make no mistake, high-quality materials and precision machined parts provide weight capacity, stability and vibration damping comparable to much larger, more expensive tripods. It’s designed to carry professional photo gear and can easily carry a Leica SL2 with the Leica APO-VARIO-ELMARIT-SL 90-280mm. Combining a weight capacity of 9 kg. with a maximum height of 152.4 cm, the Travel Tripod performs just as well as any other tripod in its class. 


The one camera you always carry around is your smartphone, so obviously a universal smartphone holder is integrated. 


You can combine the tripod with the other Peak Design products and easily carry it around on one of the Peak Design straps or attached to a Peak Design bag. But of course the tripod comes with his own bag as well.