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Leica Q (Red Silver)

129.000.000 VNĐ

The new limited edition Leica Q (Typ 116) Red Silver, lined with beautiful red leatherette and silver anodized.

Over 100 years ago, Oskar Barnack’s Ur-Leica laid the foundation stone for the success of 35 mm photography and for a corporate philosophy that regularly led to innovation created in a combination of the accomplished art of engineering and a visionary willingness to take risks. Innovations that frequently wrote new chapters in the history of photography. Just like the Leica Q, which carries the brand traditions of Leica forward with a full-frame sensor and a prime lens.

  • Discover the fascination of perfect symbiosis of design and superior technology – and experience for yourself what has made Leica cameras so unique for more than a century: a concentration on the essentials – Konzentration auf das Wesentliche. Made in Germany, of course.
  • The unique appeal of the Leica Q lies in its speed, performance, and in its commitment to uncompromising quality in the materials used in its construction and the images it delivers. Thanks to the combination of a full-frame sensor, an exceptional lens, and an integrated viewfinder, it concentrates entirely on the essentials of photography.
  • In this way, the Leica Q assumes its position at the pinnacle of a category that the camera itself redefines.
  • With its unique lens and fast and intuitive handling, the Leica Q gives you the creative freedom that makes the difference. It allows you to get closer, to be part of the story and to play with the various depth of fields. It is predestined for daily, intuitive use in the hands of experienced photographers and connoisseurs who look to experience photography in its purest form.
  • Only the Leica Q allows you to turn your individual perfect moment in truly lasting memories. It is Leica’s heritage of more than 100 years relentless German engineering refining, persevering to meet the demands of creative minds and an all-enduring entrepreneurial vision, which allowed to craft this perfect tool: Through concentrating on what´s essential and, it liberates your creativity.
  • The Leica Q is the prefect instrument for realizing your photographic ambitions and transforming the decisive moments of your life into lasting memories: Live your demands in the realization of essential photography!